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Canadian Made Luxury Winter Jackets Best in Class

Canadian Made Luxury Winter Jackets Best in Class
Luxury jackets are made by Canadian companies who appreciate the history and culture of its people. Parkas find their origins north of the Arctic Circle – the first parkas were made from seal and caribou hides by the Caribou Inuit. Knee length and with hoods lined with fur, these parkas kept our indigenous people warm in extremely harsh conditions. The modern parka has evolved over the past century and is now stylish and functional. Canadian brands still use coyote fur and beaver leather on their pieces to pay homage to the Inuit culture. Down traps warm air within the jacket, so you can remain cozy warm,giving you free range to enjoy all that winter has to offer. The best down parkas use either duck or goose feathers, or a combination of both, to offer superior protection from the cold weather. Duck down insulation is light weight and if taken care of properly, lasts for decades. In comparison, synthetic material lasts a couple of seasons before succumbing to the power of Canada’s wind chill! Duck down is also more accessible to manufacture and has many comparable properties as goose down, but for a lower cost. This makes Canadian made luxury winter jackets available to the masses.

Finding Warmth and Style Online

The best Canadian made luxury winter jackets aren’t necessarily available at your local retailers. A wide selection is available online with detailed descriptions, high resolution photos with close-up shots to help you make your selection. Size charts and fabric information help you purchase the correct size. Canadian-made luxury winter jackets are made with functional and stylish features that help to keep you warm during those wind-chilled evenings commuting home from work, standing along a Christmas parade route with the kids, or enjoying a nice afternoon winter hike. Not sure what style you prefer? Peruse the online blogs offering Canadian style trends, garment care tips and tricks. The best down jacket and parka retailers offer free shipping across the country and offer an easy return policy for their customers. Invest in your personal comfort this winter by logging on to Arctic Bay and buying top Canadian product you will be proud to wear!

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